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giovedì 19 marzo 2020

Salame di cioccolata ... e rapporti.

Ciao ragazzi,

parliamo di rapporti. (No, non rapporti sul registro).
Rapporti tra due numeri. Il rapporto tra due numeri a e b indica
semplicemente il risultato della divisione tra a e b.
Il rapporto tra due numeri si può indicare con a:b oppure a/b ...
Ma parliamo di dolci ...
Ecco due nuovi video:

Parte 1

Parte 2 in arrivo ... (sta caricando)

Guardando il video, quanti grammi di ogni ingrediente devo mettere se metto 80 grammi di burro ?
Rispondete nei commenti.
Ah ... scordavo, fatelo il salame di cioccolata.

Dato che l'uso delle frazioni come rapporti tra quantità sta creando delle difficoltà,
farò anche una parte 3 e una parte 4 sull'argomento.
Cerco di farle al più presto ma sono un po' sovraccarico anche io ... a presto.

6 commenti:

Mark ha detto...

Hi, Why does Drive My Car in Google Earth not work anymore?

Guzman ha detto...

Because Google Earth changed the API code
and I should re-write most of my program
to make work again. I don't know if i'll re-write it eventually
but I don't think so right now. Thank's for asking,
it was fun when it used to work.

Mark ha detto...

Thanks for getting back to me Guzman.

That is a shame about Drive My Car in Google Erath - my friends and I used to play it the whole time on our school computers back in 2012 and 2013. We used to each start in the same location using Lorenzo Biplano and then we would have to be the first to get to another city. We did Dover to Paris, Barcelona to Madrid, Istanbul to Athens and many more. We still talk about it whenever we see each other and have good memories of being together playing it. Thank you so much for making it. We one day hope to play it again on our laptops with each other.


Guzman ha detto...

Thanks for writing me again!!!
Here in Italy schools are closed.
I'm a teacher and I'm trying to teach via google-meet.
As soon as all this will be over I'll try and find
some time to make Drive my Car work again.
It really made me happy to know
that people were using it around the wrold.
btw: where are you from?
I live in Florence, italy.


Mark ha detto...

Hi Guzman

I am from Edinburgh in Scotland. We are all thinking of you in Italy here in Scotland and hoping that you manage to get through all this. It is great that you are able to continue teaching through Google meet!

There is no rush getting it to work again, only when you have time and want to work on it. I understand you must be busy.

I'd love to visit Florence one day, it looks so nice! Maybe next year.

Thanks again,


Guzman ha detto...

just to make things simpler,
in case we want to share some messages again,
my mail:
guzman dot tierno at gmail dot com